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Turtleneck Sweaters, The Sartorialist & NBA Rules

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

From the Sartorialist

If you’re so inclined to buy, turtlenecks are coming back this year. Men are wearing them under blazers, suits, or just on their own. Although NBA coach Stan Van Gundy (and all of us) should still stay away from the mock turtleneck variety. Here are some affordable options for you:

Banana Republic Classic Marino Wool Turtleneck $59.50

IMPERIAL Long Sleeve T-shirt $59

Gossip Girls: Nate Season 3 Finale

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Image courtesy of CW

My friend The Possessionista sent me over a request from one of her loyal fans asking for some manly looks. Here’s what Lauren had to say: Know you’re a fan of Gossip Girl too and was wondering if you had any idea where the plaid buttondown shirts that Nate wore on the Gossip Girl finale are from? He looked adorable and I want to find them, or something similar, for my husband.                  Thanks so much :) Lauren

Lauren–Here’s some ideas to make your husband plaid-tastic (pair with a nice navy or brown blazer and some brown shoes for the BEST effect!!):

Gap Sunwashed Plaid Shirt $44.50

Banana Republic Slimfit Linen MacroPlaid $69.50

And for something a little more funky…

Billabong Hopkins Shirt $49.50

For a husband or boyfriend closet consultation, call on LKc Style!!

Old T-Shirts and Baggy Button Downs

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Here’s a new client–M.P.–before LKc Style. We had to weed out a lot of old t-shirts drawing the wrong kind of attention and drowning button downs. My favorite part of this closet consultation was M.P. telling me he organized his graphic t-shirts by most offensive to least offensive.

Below is M.P. after his personal shopping experience. He’s able to put together a combination of shirts and jackets to go more business for work or more casual for weekends. Looking svelt, ladies, no?!

M.P. said about the LKc Style experience, “it isn’t about getting a few new styles of clothing in your closet.  It is just as much about the education of shopping smart, if not more so…I know I”ll look really good when I go out…learning how to fold clothes for travel, what patterns to wear with other patterns, colors with colors, everything from my head to my toes, [LKc Style] covers all the essentials!” Get your own personalized LKc Style experience today!!!

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